Williams - Needles

Today’s trip will finish in California, 7 of the 8 States will be done at the end of the day.
But let us start from Williams.
After an early start we drove to Ash Fork, using Welch Rd, where we stopped at DeSoto’s Beauty & Barber shop.
From Ash Fork we went towards Seligman on Crookton Rd. and then to the Crookton Overpass for a stop at the old bridge.
In Seligman was the highlight for today: The Snow Cap drive.
It was a very busy day, many busses with lots of tourists (not all of them R66 travellers) stopped there.
Anyway I had the pleasure to talk to Angel Delgadillo and got a few nice comments.
Any serious R66 traveller should not miss the stop in Seligman at the Snow Cap.
From Seligman we drove to Speech Springs, using the BIA-19 stretch.
In Valentine we made a brief stop at the Indian School, built in 1917, closed since 1969.
Hackberry Store in Hackberry was our next stop. Look at the pictures to see how it looks like.
Next stop Kingman for lunch. The add says’, Kingman is the heart of historic Route 66; well I don’t know if I agree on that.
Sitegraves Pass was next. I really enjoined the driving to the top of the pass and further to Oatman. We feed some burros and went on towards Topock.
Onto I-40, then over the bridge, and 7 of the 8 States where behind us. Needles was our destination for today.
We choose to go west on National Trails Hwy. towards Needles.
The river bed (sandy wash under I-40) was not so bad, but to go from the river bed to the top to reach the National Trails Hwy, we wouldn’t make it without the 4WD.
After that we faced one more barrier, the road was washed away for 2 yards. No way to go across. Well cross country with the 4WD did the trick.
Finally we reached Needles.

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