Pasadena - Santa Monica

Today is the final part of our 2448 miles Route 66 trip.
There are two terminuses:
The original 1926 alignment on Broadway and 7th St. was our first stop.

At the other 19XX-40 alignment at Lincoln Blvd. and Olympic Blvd. we could not find any sign.

So finally we drove to the Palisades Park at Santa Monica Blvd. and Ocean Blvd to visit the plaque of Will Rogers.

Well then was time for celebration, first on the Santa Monica pier, and afterwards at the Restaurant “Schatzi” owned by The Governor himself,
Mr. Schwarzenegger.

The today’s destination was the God Nite Inn in Calabasas, why? Well the people from the UK with their Austin Seven cars stayed there as well.

Now we have some day’s left to go to San Francisco, do some sightseeing and then fly back via Chicago to Stockholm.
Available for download is the complete trip from Chicago to Santa Monica as .kml files to use with Google Earth.

Best regards to all of you

May and Günter


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