Holbrook - Williams

The information display said “Oil change required”, ok we found a garage and let them do it. Across the street we found a nice little restaurant for breakfast, dedicated to Route 66.
Next stop was in Joseph City, Jack Rabbit Trading Post.
From there we drove to Winslow. Standin’ on the corner was on our program. I hope there will be soon a better solution for the famous wall.
A short visit to the Homolovi Ruins State Park was our next stop.
The visit (sidetrip) to the Meteor Crater was indeed very impressive and well worth the time.
We skipped Two Guns and drove to Twin Arrows. This was a sad visit, look at the pictures and you understand.
We regret that we didn’t go back from the exit 211 to the Padre Canyon Bridge for a visit, but maybe another time?
On the other hand, we didn’t forget Winona.
We entered Flagstaff on Santa Fe Av., drove on to Beaver St., Phoenix Av. and Milton Rd towards Bellemont. From there we drove via Parks to Williams, our destination for today.
Tomorrow is Grand Canyon on the schedule.

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