Ahipara to Cape Reinga

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Pictures from trip

Today is the DAY!

Driving Ninety Mile Beach from Ahipara to the Te Paki stream exit of the Beach.

82 Km of sand and sea is really something!

The exit itself is part of the Te Paki stream. We were told donít stop in the waterbed, because within minutes you will sink so deep in the sand, that you will not be able to start again, even with 4-wheel drive. We didnít stop in the waterbed, so everything went fine.

From Te Paki road we continued to SH1 and Cape Reinga, the destination of today.

From Cape Reinga we made a stop at the Taputaputa Beach.

Then we followed SH1 south to Waitiki Landing, were we made a side trip to Spirit Bay.

Finally we made our way back to the Motel in Ahipara.


In Google Earth the trips of today:

Ahipara to Cape Reinga: 113 km

Taputaputa Bay to Spirit Bay: 36 km

Spirit Bay to Ahipara: 137 km


Total trip from start: 781 km